Instagram Content Creation

The Pick Me Up Package

3 Post 2 Stories Per Week

1 hour Strategy/Vision call

Market Research Of Competitive Industry

Feed Planning & Content Creation

Customized Pillar Strategy

Caption Prompts

Hashtag Creation

Single or Carosel Posts

Monthly Investment: $500

Extra Shot Of Espresso Package

5 Posts, Including Reels 4 Stories Per Week

1 hour Strategy/Vision call

Market Research Of Competitive Industry

Feed Planning & Content Creation

Customized Pillar Strategy

Caption Prompts

Hashtag Creation

Single, Carosel, or Reels Quantity Choice

Monthly Investment: $800


When I fill out the application form, what happens next?

First off, thank you for considering me to be your designer! I have an application form because I want to ensure we are the perfect fit for each other on both ends.

After you complete the form, I will reach out to you within 1-2 business days to set up a free consultation call to learn more about your business needs if I believe I can be the right fit for you.

If your project is not something I can serve, I will contact you regardless and give you a highly recommended designer that would match your business needs!

What's the difference between the pick me up package and the shot of espresso package?

The pick-me-up package makes your feed aesthetically pleasing to showcase your business, but it is optional to post daily for content reach.

This package can be great for brands who already create reels with their content but need someone to build their feed with posts that can add to their aesthetic.

Think of this package as filling the gap and helping your content come together.

The Shot of Espresso package is for brands who want someone to take control of all content, post consistently, and be hands-off with the content creation.

This package will create a mixture of regular posts and reels on your feed.

What is the strategy/vision call for?

This is the first initial call to set the tone for the future of your Instagram feed and take over the content. This call allows me to understand your branding, vision, and audience, guiding me to create a strategic process that will help me visualize your feed with content.

How do you take payments?

I take payments through an online portal that allows me to send you an invoice and payment due dates. 

I also accept zelle. 

When are the monthly payments due?

At the start of the month, each payment will be due. If you would like to pay for multiple months instead of each month, we can absolutely set that up, too!

What if I'm looking for a new color palette or fonts?

If you are a brand-new business and do not have brand colors or typography yet, I would be happy to help you select a color palette or font combinations for your feed at no additional cost!

If you are looking for a full-scope branding identity service of typography, color palette, logo, watermarks, and branding guide, that is something I do not offer, but I can highly recommend a designer.

What type of clients do you work with?

I work with any small business brand to a well-known brand in their industry. I specifically work with service-based brands, which means I do not work with any shops that need an e-commerce storefront. 

The industries I work exclusively with are:

  • Photographers
  • Beauty
  • Bridal
  • Restaurants
  • Tattoo Shops
  • Online Service-Based Businesses
  • Artists/Creators
What's the difference between a social media manager and a content creator?

A social media manager focuses on being in control of the account. Aside from creating content for your feed, they engage with the online community to build relationships and brand awareness. Social media managers also manage the comments, responses, and messages. They are your 24/7 account holder for your brand.

A content creator is there to take over the visual aspect of your feed. Think of them as the artists bringing your feed together with creative content you might need more time or skill to produce.

If I wanted to hire you as a social media manager do you offer those services?

I am your go-to girl for the creative side, not the logistics.

I don't focus on the performance and statistics of your account; I love to focus on the visuals that can attract your target audience.

I can recommend someone if you're looking for a total takeover!